Rock Your Data partnered with Matillion ETL

Rock Your Data partnered with Matillion ETL

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a partnership agreement with the Matillion ETL . 

Matillion ETL Overview

Matillion ETL is a Cloud-native and built for Amazon Redshift, Snowflake and BigQuery. It delivers results faster than traditional ETL technologies. Cut your development time in half and trim months off your projects—get started in minutes

Main Features

Speed – Matillion ELT products are faster and more efficient because they leverage the full horsepower of cloud data warehouses.
Simplicity – Matillion transforms data in the data warehouse platform to cut out the complexity and risk involved in transforming the data in transit.
Scalability – Matillion products are cloud-native, taking full advantage of the near-infinite storage capacity and massive computing power of the cloud.

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Rock Your Data really helped us review Cloud Analytics Solutions available on the market and compare multiple vendors. Moreover, they did Proof of Concept project in order to demonstrate Cloud DW and Cloud ETL advantage.

Jeremy Norbert
Director of Analytics, Tech Startup