Start your career in Data

Start your career in Data

Our concise, intensive program, led by an expert with 14 years in the data field, is designed to jumpstart your career in data analytics. Embracing the Pareto Principle, we focus on the critical 20% of knowledge that yields 80% of results, empowering you with the most impactful skills and practical know-how.

We believe in developing not just technical acumen, but also the mindset and capabilities of an effective individual contributor. As such, our curriculum covers both the foundational knowledge and cutting-edge techniques in Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Data Engineering, as well as soft skills such as problem-solving, effective communication, and team collaboration.

As usual, we will start from very basics to understand WHY analytics exist and how YOU as data IC can add value to the data organization.

The end goal? To turn you into a successful, effective Individual Contributor in the data space and land Data Job in North America, Europe, Australia or Asia 🚀.

Why Surfalytics

Surfalytics derives its name and ethos from the fusion of ‘Surfing’ and ‘Analytics’, embodying the vibrant West Coast lifestyle that encapsulates a love for what you do, the reward of hard work, and the exhilaration of play. The word ‘surfing’ symbolizes our approach to the ever-changing, fluid world of data: we equip you to ride the waves of data challenges with agility, resilience, and a positive spirit.

PS we plan to run real Surf 🏄‍♀️ and Data workshops in Tofino, BC 🌲 🌊 🏔️ where you can learn and enjoy surfing in the Pacific Ocean and boost your data career.